Animation sandwich mmm...tasty

Studying Animation

Making food vehicles before work

These were confidence building drawings for my flour sack

First animation entry, I’m currently following the video lectures post as, Powerhouse University.  This is the sack test mentioned in the first video.

This more Draft work for the SMTP animation i was working on for a friend.  The first two images are stage drafts, and the last image are character and vehicle assets.

Tan Man Boards featuring Derrick Hanks, Austin 2013

Latest video project I assisted on, credit for the animated title sequence belongs to me.  

This is the first test animated sequence for my friend Aubrey thesis project. It’s got a long way to go, but I’m proud of what my friends and I have achieved thus far. The music continues past the point of animated material and will include the ships landing on the surface of Europa, the nanobots falling into a chasm, and glowing in the darkness of the water as they begin to asexually reproduce and mutate.

The song is “The Chad Who Loved Me” by Mansun.

I am using the music and the software for strictly educational purposes. Credit for Adobe Premiere work goes to Staci Tinajero, Visual design goes to Aubrey Langford, and I am the animator.

Authenticated Mail for animated short

Spam Mail character turnaround for animated short

Style sheets for animation project

Figure Warms Ups and Studies

Watched Feng Zhus “Before and After” video on  He goes into  what his students works are like entering his school, and how focusing on Core Strengths:




Camera View